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We are excited to regather and begin regular services at 10:00 am in our worship center. Our excitement is tempered with concerns for the well-being of those attending.   Hand sanitizer will be available for all attendees. Our restrooms and common areas have been cleaned and sanitized.  While we have taken these actions to help alleviate any concerns that you might have, we are not able to remove all risk of exposure.  We ask you to consider these few thoughts.​  
1.  If you are not feeling well please wait and attend our
     worship services in person on a later date. We will continue to
     broadcast our services on FM frequency, 87.9. Please feel
     free to come and join us from our parking lot if you think you
     might be ill.
2.  Members and guests are welcome and encouraged to attend in
     the parking lot, tuning in on the radio if that is how you feel most
     comfortable and safe worshipping with us. You can access
     our service on your radio dial at 87.9 FM.  The lyrics to the
     songs used in worship are on our website.  You can access
     them by clicking here.
​3.  We are not requiring attendees to wear a face mask.  However,
     if you have been accustomed to wearing a mask out in public,
     you are welcome to wear one while worshipping with us.
4.  Please refrain from shaking hands with each other and continue
     to practice social distancing by keeping at least 6 feet from each
5.  While you may feel these precautions may not be necessary,
     others in attendance may feel differently. Please take others'
     level of comfort into consideration as you interact with other
     attendees (Philippians 2:3-4). 
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