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Week One:


For Ourselves

Day One:   Urgency of the Work
                  Scripture:  Mark Chapter 1

                  Challenge: Are you ready to engage to meet the need?
                  Prayer:  Spirit give me eyes to see the true needs around me.
                               Help my heart to feel the true needs around me. 
                               Give me a willing spirit to surrender to do
                               whatever it takes to meet those needs.

                 Questions:  What comes to your mind when you hear the word
                                    What scares you most when you think about change?
                                    Do you feel there is an urgent need to change in order to
                                    meet the needs around us? Why or why?

Day 2:   Preconceived Ideas
             Scripture:  Luke 10:38-42
             Challenge: Identifying things that are non-essential for the Gospel.
             Prayer:      Help me Lord Jesus to let go of things that need to be let go
                              and cling to what should be ultimate.

              Questions:  What are non-
negotiables when it comes to the Gospel? 
                                What are some things that can/should be let go of in order to
 the mission of Christ and His church?

Day 3    Fear or Faith
             Scripture:  Mark 4:35-41
             Challenge:  What will rule your heart in the process of change, Fear or
             Prayer:       Just as the disciples cried out in the middle of the storm,
                               into which Jesus had led them, help me during this time of
                               transition and change to seek your face and hear your voice
                               above all the noise of the storm.  Increase my faith and

                                decrease my fear.

              Questions:  What is my greatest fear entering into this process?
                                 Why is that my greatest fear?
                                 How can the presence of Jesus in the midst of the storm
                                 increase your faith?

Day 4   The Unknowns
            Scripture:     John 9:1-12
            Challenge:    The unknowns of this process is the very places Jesus seeks to
                                 show us who HE really is.
           Prayer:          In the places where I have never been, the unknown places
                                that lie before me, help me to seek Your face and trust in who
                                You are, Jesus.  Help me to see what I have not been able to
                                see before.  And I like the man born blind, I will give Jesus 
                                all the glory for what He alone can and will do.  "One thing I
                                do know, that though I was blind, now I see." (John 9:25 ESV)

         Questions:  Why do you think Jesus leaves unknown spaces and places in our
                            What is Jesus trying to teach us about Himself and His purposes

                 in the unknown?


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