Drive-In Church

May 31 - 10 a.m. (New Time)

Parking Lot of Excell Baptist Church

Drive-In Church is planned for Sundays for the next couple of weeks rain or shine the only exception being stormy weather.  Check the website for potential cancellation information.
 Hope to see all of you there!
In an effort to engage you as fully as possible while at Drive-In Church, we have added some features that we hope will help you participate in worship at a deeper level.
You can listen to the worship through your car speakers.  Just to turn your radio on and tune it to 87.9 FM..  There might be some static, but that is unavoidable to a certain degree.  
We have added the lyrics to the songs that will be used in worship below.  Just click on the link to the song and the lyrics will pop up.  You can come back to this screen to go to the next song or there are links to the other songs at the bottom of each page of lyrics.
 We pray these features will enhance your worship experience with us.  

Songs and Lyrics for May 24

Click Here  He Hideth My Soul

Click Here You Are My All in All

Click Here Change My Heart Oh God