Coronavirus Church Update

A Word from Our Pastor

Drive-In Church

May 31 - 10 a.m (New Time)

 parking lot of Excell Baptist Church.

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Ways to Stay Connected

Greetings Excell,

We are living in unprecedented times.  Never before in our lifetime have we seen such a response to a virus  We, who are called to walk by faith and not by sight, still must use caution and be responsible.  In an effort to help curtail the spread of the virus, we are choosing to listen to the guidance of our government's officials. 


They have asked all Americans to practice social distancing and/or self-quarantining. We, as a church, seek to submit and honor the authorities God has placed over us for our protection and well being (Romans 13:1-7;     I Peter 2:13-17).   By enacting these practices, we not only honor our government, but do so knowing these practices serve as an effort to ensure the health and well-being of our church members. 

Therefore, we are cancelling all services and activities until further notice.  The church office will remain open.  If you have any immediate or urgent needs, you may call the church office or me personally. (Click Here for church contact information.)

Let me encourage each Sunday School teacher to contact your class, share prayer requests and needs.  All classes should be able to meet the needs of its members.  If there are circumstances where you need greater assistance, you may call the church office.

Here are some things, we as a church should remain faithful in praying for:

  •     Pray for our world, nation, state, city, and county                 leaders.

  •     Pray for President Trump.

  •     Pray for protection for the front-line healthcare workers       who will soon be inundated by this virus.

  •     Pray for mercy for the sick and others who will suffer           complications as a result of this virus.

  •    Pray for seniors who live alone and will miss contact            with others.  Many seniors find personal contact

           very important.

  •     Pray that this crisis will further advance the Gospel of          Jesus Christ

  •      Pray for an awakening in our world, that God uses this       to open doors that have been previously closed.

In addition to prayer, there is more you can do:

-A few years ago there was a great way to encourage one another. It was by sending hand written cards and letters (the USPS is still delivering the mail).

-Take this opportunity to read your Bible daily, share with someone what you learned, and pray.

-Seek this time for God to use you in your personal ministries to others around you. 

-Finally, we ask that you continue to be faithful in your tithes and offerings to Excell's vision and ministries during this time of extended absence from one another.  While we will not gather corporately together as Excell Baptist Church, our formal ministries still go on as a church. 

We are working on alternative ways of sharing worship with our members, including the possibility of streaming worship services online.  We will offer some type of worship service via the internet in the days and weeks to come. 

Check back here often for further information and updates.

These are difficult times.  If you were in church Sunday, March 15, you heard me say, "We do not know what tomorrow may hold, the future is uncertain, but we know who holds the future and His name is Jesus."

For now, God bless you all, stay safe, wash your hands, and reach out to others.

Pastor Terrell

During these times, it is important for us as a church to stay connected for encouragement and support.  Excell will be pushing out in the days to come, different ways for us to stay connected as a congregation.  Check back to see news ways for us to engage with each other as we walk through these days of physical separation.  Listed below are ways we can connect with each other.

Prayer Text Ministry

The pastor has begun a group text ministry in which you will be able to notify him of prayer requests.  If requested, then your prayer needs could be sent to others on the text list for others to pray for them.  If you would like to be added to the list, fill out the form below. Once we have received your request to be added to the list, you will be sent a confirmation text saying that you have been added to the list.

Drive-In Church is planned for Sundays for the next couple of weeks rain or shine the only exception being stormy weather.  Check the website for potential cancellation information.
 Hope to see all of you there!


Click here for more information concerning our upcoming Drive-in Church worship experience.

Ministry Needs/Opportunities
Grocery Assistance

We have people who are willing to shop and delivery groceries to those who are heeding the warnings of high risk groups to stay away from public spaces.  If you would benefit from this help.  Fill out the form below and you will be contacted with the details.